Sweco uses Inforglobe’s Multiview-tools in project planning. They have obtained better quality and saved time and resources by using the participatory methods.

”Inforglobe’s tools have helped us to reduce significantly the time spent on the preparations of the workshops. We have been able to cut out the stages of operations related to the preparations, the running of the workshop and the reporting. The quality of planning has increased as we have engaged the representatives of clients, end-users, and stakeholders in the different phases of the project. We have obtained diverse perspectives all the way from the pre-planning to the introduction, helping us to reach our goals. Additionally, commitment of the stakeholders to the successfully implemented project have improved. An active recognition of the diverse perspectives and reinforcement of the common understanding are critical in the multistage projects.”

– Jukka Rautiainen, Project & Development Manager, Logistics services, Sweco PM