Finnish Defence Forces International Centre benefits from the Multiview software in their quality assurance services. The Centre provides internationally the quality assurance services of the leadership systems. As a part of the service, the software is being exploited to analyse the current aims and the stage of the quality requirements. The Centre uses the software in their internal operations to comprehend and anticipate the change drivers of the comprehensive crisis management.

”The software have speeded up, systematized, and made easier the comprehension of the current stage of the organizations’ operating systems. The software enables a good-quality analysis and a visual communication of the results. The software helps respondents to clarify their own thinking, therefore helping us to focus on the right matters and to provide a clear improvement plan of the quality operations to our partners, while engaging the managers, the experts, and the employees. The use of the software itself, meets very well the requirements of the UN and EU regarding the continuous development and the commitment of the people, set in the ISO9001:2015. Overall, we are very satisfied with the support and the services of Inforglobe.

-Jukka-Pekka Schroderus, Commander, FINCENT