Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) acts in complex and demanding conflict situations, where building trust and structured communication between conflict parties is essential. Inforglobe has consulted CMI in the design and utilisation of technical methods in contexts such as Iraq, Libya and Ukraine. Inforglobe has also developed CMI’s internal programmatic planning.

“Inforglobe’s ability to clarify complex contexts in an understandable way helps conflict parties reach common decisions. Their methods enable human interaction in a way that provides the parties with an ability to approach their most significant issues from a new perspective. Inforglobe is able to flexibly adjust their technical approach to changes in our operation environment when the situation so requires. Their carefully planned preparation allows to us concentrate on the most relevant issues. I am very pleased with the results we have reached in cooperation with Inforglobe.”

-Dr. Ville Brummer, Programme Director, Crisis Management Initiative

“Mikaeli Langinvainio has been a valued colleague and active in developing CMI’s work through his innovative thinking and creative ideas. Juha Törmänen has showed genuine commitment and skills towards developing CMI’s expertise in methods and tools. I warmly recommend them both for any similar tasks.”

– President Martti Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Laureate, founder of CMI

Photo: Tomas Whitehouse / CMI