Inforglobe has been a busy bee!

Hi there,

and sorry for not writing blogs or news too often. We’ll get better in the future.

To give an excuse we’ve been working on these things:

  • Getting to Aalto University Startup Center and honing our strategy from many angles
  • Serving a lot of new clients developing use cases for our Software and SaaS model – Super interesting stuff on impact assessment, peace mediation, risk management, etc.
  • Developing the product
  • Studying productization and marketing
  • Getting a new advisor Mika Aalto to our team
  • Talking to interested investors to create relations for the time we need funding
  • Building a software development partnership

Life is constant learning! That’s the salt. Beef or Mifu tastes bland without it.

If you are interested in helping Inforglobe to develop, drop us a line with any idea!

Inforglobe’s Juha and Valtteri brainstorming