Welcome to the new Inforglobe.com!

After launching our company in early 2016, we’ve been hard at work discovering the best approaches for building common understanding – so busy that until now, we didn’t even have time to set up a proper website. That changes now. Let me welcome you to the new Inforglobe.com!

You can expect more content to appear in the upcoming months. We believe we have excellent tools for enabling analysis and decision making among multiple people. We are going to highlight our services one by one, and add more content to the site step by step. We also have put a lot of thought into what is important when working in demanding processes with multiple people, multiple perspectives, and multiple things – and we are going to share our findings in our blog.

So please join us on this exciting path, either by bookmarking our web site, subscribing to our newsletter, or by following us on Twitter. Let’s work together to discover even better ways of building common understanding!

The Finnish websites will open in August.