In the intersection of technology and dialogue

We live in exciting times! Improving technology and better understanding of how people can share their views and ideas are opening the world for new, ground-breaking solutions.

On one end, our understanding of how the human mind works is taking great leaps forward. It’s become clear that we humans are not purely rational beings. Instead, it seems that a great deal of our decision making and learning is based on subconscious processes, and that in many ways those processes can be much more efficient than simple logical reasoning. For example, our capability to understand visual information is astounding – while it’s been estimated that humans can take in written or voiced information at a rate of about 10 bits per second, when viewing images, the rate is a million times greater – 10 000 000 bits per second!

At the same time, high-end computing is now everywhere and accessible by everyone. The phones we carry in our pockets today are more capable than the supercomputers of old. Their touchscreens enable interaction with technology in almost any way a designer can dream of. And building high-quality apps does not take a small army of programmers anymore either; big companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook have taken care of the heavy lifting to make sure that even a lean, small team, like Inforglobe, can easily make their own vision come true. Virtual reality and alternate reality are just around the corner, and will provide the possibility for completely new approaches for interacting with data and information.

As technology improves and so does our understanding of the human mind, the opportunities that the intersection of these two fields bring are extremely fascinating. Inforglobe was founded to explored those opportunities. We believe that there is still much to be done and much to be gained from making information technology truly serve human needs, and to help build genuine dialogue and common understanding between people.